Your impact

MHCV in collaboration with Carers ACT seeks out carer voices through formal consultations and by talking directly with carers and care planners. The voices or carer form our stakeholder discussions, input to committees and forums.  Here is what we have heard recently.

Your Voice at the Inquiry into School Refusal

MHCV and Carers ACT attend the hearing for Senate Committee on Education and Employment’s Inquiry into School Refusal

Mental Health Carers Voice (MHCV) and Carers ACT were pleased to be invited as witnesses to the Senate Committee on Education and Employment’s inquiry into the national trend of school refusal and related matters on 22 February 2023. We would like to extend our gratitude to the carers who provided valuable experience and feedback for our submission. We are pleased to know that the senate committee has taken note of our submission to the inquiry and closely considered our recommendations.

Again, thank you to all carers who spoke up on this issue and helped shape out input on this issue. Your voice was heard and appreciated!

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