Where possible, we have provided papers in both pdf and Word format for accessibility. If the format you need is not available, please contact us for assistance.

  • “Filling the Cup Back Up” 2022 Mental Health Carers Survey Report June 2022 [pdf]
  • Carer Engagement in Recovery Oriented Mental Health Care, March 2021 [pdf] [docx]
  • “We Care Too” Report into Mental Health Carer Engagement Tools for use in ACT Mental Health Services, January 2020 [pdf] [docx]
  • Staff Perceptions of Carer Engagement in ACT Mental Health Services, July 2019 [pdf]
  • Update: Safety in Mental Health and CCTV, May 2019 [pdf]
  • MHCV Findings Paper from 2018 Priorities Survey, February 2019 [pdf] [doc]
  • What do ACT mental health carers need from mental health clinicians? August 2017 [pdf]
  • Family Caring, Mental Illness and Violence Discussion Paper, October 2016 [docx]
  • Carers ACT Mental Health Forum 2016: “Are We There Yet?” Untangling the Changes in Mental Health in Australia, July 2016 [pdf]
Letters, Responses and Submissions
  • Submission to the National Mental Health Commission’s Draft Stigma and Discrimination Reduction Strategy, January 2023 [pdf]
  • Carers ACT submission for the Senate Inquiry into School Refusal, December 2022 [pdf]
  • Submission to ACT Budget 2021-22, June 2021 [pdf] [docx]
  • ACT Budget Response Mental Health 2019-20, June 2019 [pdf]
  • Response to Ligature Minimisation, July 2019 [pdf]
  • ACMHS and Working with Carers, December 2017 [pdf]
  • Carers ACT Response to the Auditor General’s Report No 6 of 2017 Mental Health Services: Transition from Acute Care, August 2017 [pdf]
  • ACT Budget Response Mental Health 2017-18, June 2017 [pdf]
  • Carers ACT Comments on Youth Suicide and Self Harm Inquiry, April 2016 [pdf]
  • Carers ACT’s response to the Draft Mental Health Facilities Management Bill, February 2016 [pdf]

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